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Finding Home

It wasn’t what we wanted. Yes, it was a sunny day and the field was cleared and green, but I was sure it wasn’t what she pictured. I stepped out of my car excited to show my client the piece of land that could be hers. There was no other land at this price and with these many acres, but when we set eyes on the almost four acres of cleared land all I could think was, “This isn't it.”

Goodbye Dream

When the tour was complete, we said goodbye to the seller and I turned to Lydia. There she was looking off toward the land as if saying goodbye to a dream in a single long stare. This was no time to persuade her to see the upside. It was time to hear her drawbacks and to move on. “I feel like my son is being discriminated against in school and I don’t know why he’s so angry all the time,” she sighed. “I thought I could use my tax return to buy this land and someday build my home on it and I’m tired of paying rent. Honestly, I don’t want to have to pay a mortgage either.”

Reading Between The Lines

Between her words I understood the heart of her concerns. Lydia wanted to protect her son. She wanted to give him a childhood in a beautiful home and a great neighborhood. She wanted to be able to be there any time he needed her, and not have to wonder if she would lose her job if she decided to stay at home. Like most moms and dads, she wanted to get rid of every obstacle, so she could be the parent she wanted to be. It’s important for real estate agents to keep in mind the reason for their client’s desire to relocate. And although we may not be able to find the perfect home in one attempt, most agents do try to experience their client's disappointment and excitement as if they were searching for their own homes.

Never Give Up

I established Home Goals of Florida to help my clients realize their dream of home ownership.I always understood that your house and its location doesn’t define your happiness, but it can play a huge role in the experiences you have with the people you love, and the memories you make. A happy childhood is filled with happy memories, so I wish all the moms and dads out there all the success in the world and a beautiful home for along their journey as parents. It may take you seeing up to three homes, or ten, or even twenty before you find the perfect one, so never give up.

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